Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Death and Beauty

Death of Cucumbers
I normally try not to post anything too ugly on my blog. But for some reason, I felt the need to bid a proper adieu to my Spacemaster cukes. They'd put up a good fight. However, in the end, the beetles and mildew came out on top. I guess I should just be grateful that they fed us well this summer.

dying melons
The melon vines are on their way out too. I can almost hear all of the cucumber beetles feasting.

Edible Calabash Gourd
Surprisingly, the edible Calabash gourd is still going strong. The vines are very healthy and have practically taken over the back garden. Peeled and sliced, they are delicious cooked up in a soup.

On the side of beauty, here are some pics I took a while back of what's currently blooming in the garden:

Red Zinnia

Cosmos 2
Purple Cosmos

Calendula 2
Yellow Calendula


  1. You probably love your cucumber beetles just as much as I do mine - ZERO, NONE, NADA! But way to go with ending on a positive note with those beautiful blossoms. Is Calendula the same flower as marigold? Yours is beautiful.

  2. Those plants gave you their all before going down in the end. Pretty fall flowers!

  3. Our cucumber plants are looking pretty sad too. I pulled one already. I am growing more for the fall. I am just loving cukes for pickles!!

  4. My cucumbers are still growing one or two fruits per week. But they look very similar to yours.

    This year I had only one red zinnia, all others were pink. I have saved seeds from that one and one pink. So I hope next year I will have both colors.

  5. Man, that calabash gourd plant looks perfect. Cucumbers are one of the first things to bite the dust in my garden, too.

  6. My cucumbers look very similar right now. I really need to go out there and pull them out. I'm waiting for the heat and Earl to leave first.

  7. I fancy those fine pics of season's end. It makes me realize I'm not the only one suffering this year. I still can't match your basket of tomatoes a couple posts back.

  8. What a sad sight those poor plants are. But the flowers are lovely and cheerful, and that Calabash gourd is a beauty as well. It seems that your garden overall is really quite a success this year.

  9. I've got no issue putting ugly things in my blog. I photograph the bad as well as the good. It's all part of life. Though I did have one person complain a bit when she found a huge orange slug as my first photo. I actually thought he was beautiful in a way, until I had to squish him.