Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Harvest - The Start of Tomato Season

I feel like it's been forever since my last post. Marc and I have had a lot on our plates lately. Over the weekend, we introduced 2 new members to our growing family (I'll get into that in another post). Needless to say, we're feeling somewhat stressed.

My New Year's resolution this year was to live more in the present and relax a bit. I was hoping to avoid any major changes (for once) but it seems that sentiment has gone out the window. Hopefully my sanity doesn't follow suit.

July Harvest 2
It's officially tomato season. We've only harvested cherry tomatoes up until this point so it's nice to be able to cut into a beefsteak variety. It's also officially the start of mice season. I've already lost about a dozen tomatoes (mostly Siberian and Clear Pink Earlies) to the little monsters. At first, I thought the damage was being caused by rabbits or squirrels but all of signs now point to mice. In span of 48 hours, I've already caught (and killed) 6.

Mostly, they are attacking the tomatoes closest to the ground. As a deterrent, I've wrapped the ripening clusters with fiberglass screening. I hope that helps. I also picked about a half dozen low-lying tomatoes that were not quite ripe (including the Purple Cherokee and Black Krim pictured above). Better that they ripen on my kitchen counter than in my compost pile.

pepperoncino harvest
This past weekend, I also harvested loads of Pepperoncini peppers - the first of the summer. I'm so excited to pickle them. They will make for a delicious addition to our sandwiches.

July Harvest
Finally, a sizable wild strawberry harvest. The yellow variety is my favorite.

Asian Cucumber
I also harvested a couple of Asian cucumbers. This long variety is mild tasty and incredibly crispy. I LOVE it - a 9 out of 10 in my book. They have that perfect snap. I'm sure they will make excellent refrigerator pickles.

Dragon's Tongue Beans
Finally, the Dragon's Tongue beans are starting to come in. Aren't they gorgeous? We'll see if they taste as good as they look.

This week, we harvested:

White onions - 0.36 lb
Zucchini (12) - 6.61 lb
Cucumbers (13) - 9.18 lb
Tomatoes - 3.84 lb
Coriander - 0.10 lb
Beans - 1.01 lb
Wild strawberries - 0.18 lb
Carrots - 0.45 lb
Pepperoncini peppers - 0.69 lb

Total this week - 22.42 lb


  1. Nice harvest, Thomas! I really like the asian cucumber, and bet it's really good, too!

  2. Wow! That's an impressive harvest! My tomatoes are close to 6feet, but none seem too rushed to ripen just yet. My volunteer compost pumpkin, however, is practically ready for Hallowe'en!

  3. You had a very impressive harvest! Tomato and pepper season has also started for me. They are still very slow ripening, but that will change in a week or two.
    Beautiful zucchinis.

  4. Nice photos of a fabulous harvest! What's the varietal name of your Asian cucumber?

    And those yellow strawberries look so unusual, I'm glad to know they are tasty, looks like something worth a try.

  5. Everything looks delightful!

  6. Wonderful harvest, Thomas! I am so sorry for the critter problems you are having. I can't wait to hear about your two new family members.

  7. I always love looking at your harvest pictures.
    I will have to try the Asian cucumber. And get a refrigerator pickle recipe to try it with.

    Are they good for just plain eating too?

  8. Splendid haul this week! The cucumbers and tomatoes are particularly appealing to me - since I have neither at the moment! :D

  9. Thomas, your harvest looks great, some of everything! I just picked 3 of my Japanese Climbing Cucumbers last night and am eager to try them fresh, although I have read they make excellent pickles. Can't wait to hear about your family news!

  10. Wow. I must say, I am more impressed with each new post. Job well done.

  11. Such a nice variety of veggies. It looks like you're still harvesting favas, sweet.

    Look at all those wild strawberries! My plants are not that prolific, but I just learned that you can use the leaves to make tea so I'm going to try a few for that.

    I'm trying a Chinese cucumber this year but I haven't harvested any yet. I think it's going to look like yours.

  12. I am so so jealous of your pepperoncini peppers. They look wonderful! Please post your pickling recipe and how they turned out :)

  13. Oh you bounder! you beat me with you Tomatoes!! Just you wait until next year LOL!

  14. The Pepperoncini look excellent. I brought in some almost ripe low lying tomatoes as well. Last year something was pick them and eating half of them. Probably raccoons, I beat them this year! Your seeds came today, thanks very much! I'll get the celery started tomorrow.

  15. Great harvest such a varieties of fruits and vegetables.
    Those beans are beautiful, do you do anything else with the pepperoncini other than pickled them?

  16. Angela - I have know idea. The packet is in another language and all it says is "Asian cucumber" hahaha.

    LindaG - They are delicious when eaten fresh.

    Mac - I think I might try adding them to some sauces as well. They taste awesome pickled though.

  17. Thanks, Thomas. Do you remember where you got the seeds? :)

  18. lindag - if they are the same as mine, I got a variety called "Japanese Climbing Cucumber" from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. you could look online there and see if they sound like what you are looking for

  19. LindaG and Erin - I got my seeds from an Asian grocery store near Boston I'm sure the variety Erin mentioned is very similar. Also you can check out the Asian cuke varieties available from Kitazama Seed company.

  20. Thanks again, Thomas! I never thought of looking for seeds in an Asian Market. :)

  21. What a great harvest! And congrats on reaching tomato season :)