Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The End of June Garden

I can't believe we're saying goodbye to June already. Where does the time go? I guess when you're blessed with great weather, it goes by quickly. Indeed, we were lucky this year. While our Junes here in New England have a tendency to be as wet and chilly as our Aprils, this past spring has surely been one of the warmest in recent memory. The evidence of course is in the veggie garden. My tomatoes are already reaching the top of their 5 ft trellis and the melons are spreading like crazy. Hopefully, this will translate into many more pounds of produce.

Here's a quick update on some of the garden's more recent movers and shakers:

This picture was taken over the weekend but we harvested our first cucumbers yesterday. I'm growing mostly Spacemaster cukes this year. They seem to be as prolific and fast growing as the zucchini. Also, hand-pollinating has definitely helped. I'll offer an opinion on how they taste on the next Harvest Monday post.

My cauliflower are starting to form heads, which is a relief considering they are taking seemingly forever to grow. Also, I've been trying my best to keep the green cabbage worms in check...not an easy task this time of year I might add. Hopefully, they will size up quickly.

I'm also growing a purple variety. I can't wait to see what it will eventually look like.

My spring carrots have been a bit of a let down. Some of them have bolted due to the warm weather. The best performing by far has been the Scarlet Nantes. Cosmic Purple on the other hand is a slow grower. Next year, I think I'll stick to the orange varieties.

Jonathan and I have been munching on a few Sungold cherry tomatoes right off the vine this week. They are much sweeter now compared to the first one I picked back on June 11. Unfortunately, none of the beef steak tomatoes look like they'll be ripening anytime soon. In fact, the 30 or so tomato plants that I transplanted back in mid-May are only starting to form fruits now.

I'm growing 20 different varieties this year. This one is called "Clear Pink Early." I've heard that pink tomatoes have a tendency to be particularly flavorful and sweet.

Komohana grape tomatoes - I'll be curious to see what they will look like ripe.

Finally, my All Blue potatoes are starting to fruit. The plants themselves haven't started to die back yet. I'm growing a bit impatient with my potatoes. I want more taters NOW gosh darn it!


  1. Those baby tomatoes look wonderful! I have lots of flowering going on but virtually no fruit set at the moment - because the temperatures have just been too chilly. Forecast indicates our weather is supposed to warm up to more normal levels after the Fourth of July weekend. I sure hope so!

    Your end of June garden looks beautiful.

  2. Wow, you have a lot of tomato plants growing. It will be fun to taste them all. The carrots look lovely. Do they taste the same even thought its a different color?

  3. Cauliflower grows very slowly for me too. I don’t have any heads formed yet (white or purple).

  4. Garden still looks great! Good luck with your tomatoes and peppers! :)

  5. The carrots look very beautiful. My carrots didn't germinate so I have none this year. Ah well there is always the farmers market.

  6. All your plants look very healthy, I'm busting to get some tomatoes ready to enjoy with a salad.

  7. I'm with you on those carrots, my "wierd" varieties didn't do nearly as well as my orange Nantes. We always have to try them though, don't we?!!

  8. Meemsnyc - I'm sure carrot aficionados will tell you that they taste different...some sweeter, some spicier. Personally, I think some of the more colorful ones tend to be a bit tougher..great for roasting to not so great eating fresh.

  9. I'm with you on the potato impatience! A few of my potato plants are reaching for the sky and doing their best to catch up to the pole beans, but no potatoes yet!
    Your tomatoes look gorgeous! My 11 tomato plants are doing pretty well. Between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon 10 more set fruit. It's amazing how fast everything is growing with the great weather we have had!

  10. Thomas, your garden is an inspiration! Every time I visit I get excited to try something new.

    Do you have success growing your corn in clusters like that? How much do you grow? Hubby always wants to do corn and we did try last year with some success. We grew them in mounds with the squash and pumpkins like the Indians did. But honestly, the corn was not very flavorful. Think they needed more water.

    We have a friend who grows amazing corn, so I just as soon trade goods with him. But always looking for new ideas!

  11. Your garden plants look so good. Even the carrots you said you were disappointed in, I though looked gorgeous. Summer goes way to quickly, enjoy.

  12. I am having the same carrot experiences, looks like its a bust for carrots this year.

    Pull out some potatoes Thomas, just go for it!!

  13. Your garden looks great Thomas! I like the term "movers and shakers" - that got a chuckle out of me!

    I'm addicted to Nantes carrots. I think they are the best.

  14. Twenty tomato varieties??? I'll stop complaining about my single pot of roma's.

    Those carrots, by the way, look incredible. How do the scarlets taste?

  15. Lorie- The only reason why I grew my corn like that was because I had planting holes left over after I transplanted my melons. I was going to sow pole poles in them too but got lazy. I have no idea how they will turn out. I'm concerned about whether they will be able to pollinate properly.

    Turling - the scarlet nantes are crisp (but not tough), mild and sweet - like a fresh eating carrot should be. The more colorful ones are best for cooking in my opinion.

  16. Your carrots are so fat!!! Mine are always so long and thin. I wonder what it is that makes that difference.

    I'm envious of your straight cucumbers as well. I still have hope! I'm curious as to how the purple broccoli tastes. Let us know!

  17. I agree, June just seemed to whoosh by. Lovely bunch of carrots ! Scarlet Nantes are doing well for me too. Your Cosmic Purples are looking great. My Purple Haze seem reluctant to put on a purple tinge. Probably need to mature some more. Nice cuke and cauliflowers !

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