Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Around the Garden - Part One

red sails lettuce
Red Sails lettuce and white onion sets

Sage and Thyme
Sage and thyme

snow peas
The snow pea harvest has begun!

coffee can planters
Coffee can planters - great for herbs...awful for Swiss chard.

Celery - in desperate need of thinning.

Young Fava bean pods

basil 2
Several varieties of basil

Future blackberries

green beans
Early sowing of green beans.


  1. I like you first picture - no room for weeds. This is great spacing between the plants.

    Your celery is so much bigger than mine. I guess you started it indoors? I just direct sowed mine.

  2. I have Snow Pea envy.
    I had to replant peas, and most of my garden, thanks to rabbits. But, I now have a fence to keep everything protected from the little rascals.

  3. How beautiful! I'm going to try peas again this fall. It just gets too hot too quickly here for them in the spring.

  4. The onion interplanting looks great! Congrats on the peas! Mine are just maturing this week, of course now we are in the 90's every day so it will be a challenge to get enough before the plants give up. Jealous that you can grow celery there!

  5. The picture of the red lettuce and onions is absolutely beautiful. My snow pea harvest has begun also :) They are so good. I think that my celery is about the same size as yours. I picked some outer stalks last night for the stir fry! Nice variety of basil.

  6. Wow, look at your basil!! So many of us are having trouble for some reason this year. I have "shelling peas" that are looking like your snow peas. I wonder if they were packaged incorrectly, or if they are going to transform magically any day now.

  7. Thomas! Things are growing so quickly! I am happy to see your snow pea pods are ready for some picking, that means mine will hopefully be producing soon. I love the contrast between red and green in the Red Sails lettuce and onions. Everything looks so lush and healthy.

  8. Your garden is looking great! Congratulations. :)

  9. Everything looks so beautiful. Looking forward to my first snowpeas.

  10. I love interplanting onion sets with lettuces - it makes a superior salad garden, complete with green onions! Your celery is looking particularly lush. I know you need to thin them, but they appear to be quite robust and large.

  11. This is my first year growing green beans and I was wondering if I should plant a few plants every month to have a continous harvest or just do two big plantings? any advice?

  12. Everything is looking fantastic, Thomas.

  13. Vrtlarica- yes, I started the celery seeds indoors in february.

    Jessica- I did an early sowing indoors just so I could maybe get an early crop...the rest I direct seeded al at once. I guess the answer lies in what variety. I know that the bush beans I planted last year produced over an extended period and not all at once. That might not be the case with the variety you are growing. I think you would be safe with 2 large sowings.

  14. Thomas, admit steal pictures from a seed catalog and put them on your blog. Your plants are so perfect! Don't you have bugs, or wind blowing your plants over, or yellowed leaves from too much rain? Can you teach this old dog some of your new gardening tricks? ;-)

  15. Thomas,
    You have such a lovely and loved garden!
    The last time I grew sage, the plant got to be 6 ft high and around! My rosemary was even bigger!
    Remember, you are dealing with baby plants now that like our children; can grow out of bounds more than quickly!

  16. I gonna have to agree with granny... Lol....seriously though your plants are are a model gardener. : )

  17. Gorgeous, makes me smile. Love the scallions popping through the lettuce.

  18. HAHAHAHA...Gran, I have all of those things. I just don't photograph them! It would bruise my ego to do so. ;)

  19. Like vrtlarica, I love the spacing in the first pic, love the combo too. The garden is looking so fabulous !

  20. I am so jealous of your garden - If I was your neighbor... well I would be walking through with a fork.