Thursday, May 13, 2010


I thought I'd mix it up a bit and write a post about something other than gardening (almost). I don't have time these days to do much quality reading, but I thought I'd share with everyone a couple of my favorites things.

My favorite culinary magazine is SAVEUR. This monthly publication focuses on food traditions and culture from around the world, and is in my opinion the best out there. I have been a subscriber for years and can honestly say that I've learned more about food and cooking from this magazine than from all of the cookbooks I've bought through the years. To me, food history and culture is just as interesting as the recipes themselves, which is why I give SAVEUR two big thumbs up.

Early American Life
For those of you history buffs out there, I highly recommend EARLY AMERICAN LIFE. This is a relatively new discovery for me but has quickly become something that I read from cover to cover. I have a Bachelor's degree in history (focused specifically on early American history) so this magazine definitely feeds my passion. Reading it on the train everyday offers me an escape from the grind of modern day life. (I suspect that many of us, including myself, grow our own vegetables for the same reason.) This month's issue has interesting articles about colonial ice cream, heritage breeds of livestock, historical adobe homes and early forms of lighting. Again, another two thumbs up.

Finally, I found a couple videos a while back featuring everyone's favorite winter gardening guru, Eliot Coleman. Pretty soon, it will come time to plan this year's winter garden. Enjoy!

Four season gardening from Cultivating Life on Vimeo.

I love getting reading and video suggestions from others who share the same interests and values that I do. So if you think that I should read or see something, please do share!


  1. Thomas, I absolutely loved the Eliot Coleman video...thanks! That totally inspires me to build a year round growing operation...I mean why not?

  2. Omg! ok, Thomas let's quit our day jobs and go into dream come true would be to do exactly this....perpetual spring? Yes!

  3. Great videos. I’m just reading Four Season Harvest and loving it!

    I just might build another greenhouse...

  4. Thanks for posting the videos. I read Four Season Harvest last I'm re-inspired. I will have to pick up SAVEUR sounds like a great magazine.

  5. Great post! It's always nice to see what other gardeners enjoy when they aren't gardening, a glimpse into your life, good stuff!

  6. Great vidz ! Eliot is so inspiring.

  7. My copy of Four Season Harvest is dog eared from use! The videos were fun to watch and are so inspirational.

    I am going to have to check out Saveur magazine - it looks like something I would enjoy.

  8. I can't do much gardening, but that historical magazine looks very interesting. I find that history appeals to me more as I age and I often wonder about how things were "way back when". Especially when I am complaining about moving ONE cord of firewood and "they" used 16 cord or more a year...! Great post Thomas.

  9. I get the e-version of Saveur and love it!

    My favorite garden reading are the cooperative extension bulletins available over the net. I read bulletins from most every state. It's just fun to see what gardeners in various areas are growing in their gardens.
    Northerners vs Southerners; cool season growers vs warm season growers.

    My undergrad adviser kept a picture of Eliot Coleman on her desk! Right along side of a picture of her husband.


  10. OOOHH, the second magazine looks like something I'd enjoy, too. I'll have to go see if my library stocks it to test drive it.

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  12. I used to subscribe to Early American Life when it was called Early American Home. I absolutely love that mag.
    Thanks for posting the videos.

  13. I have a bachelor's degree focusing on early American history, too! One of the reasons I love growing heirlooms so much! Nice to find a fellow gardener AND history buff! And, I've been reading Early American Life for years :)!