Sunday, April 4, 2010

The First Harvest of April...and the Glow of Easter

Shanghai Bok Choy Harvest
Today I harvested some of the Shanghai bok choy that I transplanted not too long ago. I picked the biggest and best looking ones as I wanted to get to them before the slugs did. I can't wait to saute the crisp fresh greens for dinner. This batch weighed in at about 0.72 lbs. During the cooler months, I try to appreciate every little bit that comes out of the garden. Even when it doesn't amount to much, it still beats the mass-produced stuff at the supermarket. I guess now would be a good time to sow more seeds as I'm sure that what I have growing at the moment won't last long.

vented hoop houses 2
We've been blessed with great weather lately. Today's high was in the upper 7o's. I've been leaving the mini hoop houses completely open during the day as temperatures inside can easily exceed 90 degrees even when vented. I'm always thankful for the Easter holiday as it is usually a sign that Spring is settling in. We were certainly not disappointed this year.

pea shoots
In other news, the snow peas I sowed a few weeks ago have sprouted...

fava bean shoots
...and so have the Fava beans. Only 5 out of the 12 seeds that I planted germinated. I have a feeling that I will be disappointed by this crop this year. If I have time, I will go out and get another packet of seeds.

transplanted broccoli and celery
I also got around to transplanting my Piracicaba broccoli (4) and celery (9). As a way to extend the harvest and hedge my bets this Spring, I also have a second sowing of broccoli that should be ready for transplanting in a couple of weeks. For those of you interested, here is a nice piece written by Barbara Damrosch about this particular variety.

vented hoop houses
I will be posting more gardening updates this week. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Our day was glowing and merry. All I can ask for now is that our friend, the Sun, will decide to stick around for a while.


  1. Your garden beds and plants look just beautiful and really healthy thomas! I bet that bok choy harvest was really yummy.

    Happy Easter!

  2. I am so jealous I can't see straight! We have not a blade of green in sight. I was so desperate the other day that I flopped down on the cold ground and searched through the still brown grasses looking for the green that I knew was there.....I thought I just couldn't see it. I was wrong. I guess grass and other green things can't survive the 20 degree night time temps. But it can't be this cold forever, right?
    Thanks for sharing.....

  3. Thomas - your garden is truly an inspiration. Most of us don't have much of anything growing yet, but you ALWAYS have something growing. Hehe..

  4. Your veggie beds are beautiful, any harvest is better than the store stuff.

    I still haven't been able to plant outside, it's cold and windy, April is the windiest month for us.

  5. I envy you for great germination rates you've been having. Even with nice hot weather, my seeds are failing to germinate. I guess my watering could be one of the issues. Hmmm...
    Good harvest, Thomas. Broccoli is not a famous veggie in this part of India and I happened to taste it last month in a Thai Restaurant and I fell in love with it. I am desperately waiting to find a source for its seeds.
    Good luck with your seedlings! I wish you harvest more and more for the days to come...

  6. Gosh , your gardens to neat!!! , mine looks like a jungle. I wish i could be that organised.
    I was also wondering what type of mulch you use?
    thanks in advance

  7. I love your garden! It looks so beautiful

  8. Bok choy looks like a great thing to grow. I've not had bok choy since I moved to France as no one eats it around here. . .but my husband and I just love it.

  9. Jealous of the celery! We don't have a good climate for that here. Love the beds. Did the Easter Bunny hide some eggs for Jonathan in the beds?!!

  10. I really hope you don't need to move all of those beds Thomas, they are already so happily occupied!

    Did you see my comment to you on the free shipping from Johnny's over on my blog? 10-1008 is the current code I think.

  11. I don’t think I have seen before all of your veggie beds in one picture - this looks incredible. Every bed is so organized. How many are there - 12? It is a big garden!
    Those broccoli and celery transplants look great.

  12. Looking fabulous, as always !

  13. Thanks everyone for your comments. Chandramouli - if you like broccoli, you should consider this variety as it was bred to be heat resistant and should perform better in your region.

    Deorsa - I just use plain straw to mulch my garden paths. I still need to work on my soil fertility to help my beds retain moisture. At the moment, I'm relying on commercial organic gardening soil.

  14. I love that last photo of your garden. It really doesn't look like a TON of space...yet you grow SO MUCH. Inspirational...

  15. Your garden always looks so beautiful. But the best is the photo of your harvest. I would so kill for having fresh bok choy for dinner. Mine only have a couple of true leaves so far. I'll have to wait a while yet.

  16. Thomas, your beds are absolutely immaculate! And all the plants look so healthy. That's amazing given the rainy weather you all have been having.

    I'm also growing the Piracicaba broccoli this year. I can't wait to give it a try!

  17. Thomas, your garden is so neat and tidy and the plants are just beautiful. Can't wait to see the fine results as summer cooperates with your meticulous preparations!

  18. The bok choy looks perfect and delicious. The whole garden looks great, I love how tidy it is.

    Barbara Damrosch's article was where I first read about Piracicaba, after reading about it I just had to grow it. Now it's my standard broccoli, it puts up with any weather that I get and still produces and tastes great.

  19. Beautiful shots of your garden! Nice greens harvest too. I think the sun and warm weather will be here for a little while. I am sure things will grow quite a bit int he next week or so.