Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Morning After

first snow
first snow 3
snow on branches
green manure 2
first snow 2
the gardener
The gardener.


  1. Wow, that looks amazing!

    We never got snow like that... But I'm sure if we did I wouldn't appreciate it quite so much :)

  2. Oh wow, is that beautiful! I love that shot of the snow on the twiggy branch.

    How do you think the vegetable garden fared?

  3. You are an amazing photographer.
    I really enjoy your blog.

  4. Looks so pretty. What did Jonathan think? I’m sure your garden is nice and warm under the protective covers you provided.

  5. Gosh...I sure do like seeing snow on the trees - but not at my house!!!!

  6. So beautiful, really nice photos. Good thing you got your row covers on!

  7. I love clear blue sky and snow! I just cant stay indoors, no matter how cold it is!

  8. Beautiful photos. I don't usually run out during early cold mornings to take photos, but yesterday was just so beautiful that I think we were all out there at some point. It looks like the hoops are doing their jobs.

  9. Wow, that picture of the sun shining through the snowy branch is really beautiful.

  10. Thomas....your photographs are so the one of the branch too..and your shadow ...

    Thank you so much for the kind words and concern about my little Buddy...he is doing really good...

    I will be anxious to hear if you and Marc decide on a doggy for Jonathan....I wonder what kind you are considering....

    I'll check back later, Oh, how I wish for snow...but it is finally raining out here in California...

    More later,
    Kary and Buddy

  11. I am jealous! I miss the snow and crisp air from back home... thanks for the amazing photos!

  12. Beautiful! The snow on the branches is amazing...and I love the self-portrait. :) I live in California...and I get no snow...oh how I wish we did! Altho...this morning there was a light dusting on our surrounding hills which is very unusual. So who knows? Maybe I WILL get some soon!

  13. Awesome photos (as usual). Your garden looks so brave. I shiver just thinking about it. Thanks for braving the weather to get the pics so we can all enjoy them. I took a video of rain FINALLY falling on my backyard in southern California, but I did so from the comfort of our family room.