Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Added Layer of Protection

winter bed
What a truly dreary day. It started raining this afternoon and we're expected to get a bit of snow tonight (not much, 3-6 inches at the most). I did a bit of work in the garden this morning and for the first time this year, my hands were completely numb by the time I was finished. With temperatures expected only to get up to the low 40's (Fahrenheit) during the day, and down to the mid 20's at night for the next five days, it's about time I added another layer of protection to my winter garden beds. I started out by placing a few wire posts (which I made from some garden fencing a couple months ago) at the ends and middle of each bed.

winter bed inner layer
Than I laid some fabric row cover on top and secured it to the end posts with some clothes pins. The pins help to keep the fabric nice and taut while the posts keep the fabric from touching the winter greens (which would otherwise become damaged if ice were to accumulate on the fabric at night). This will act as the inner layer of protection inside my mini hoop houses and hopefully increase the daytime and nighttime interior temperatures by a few degrees.

winter garden 2
Hopefully, the mini hoop houses and garden fabric will be sufficient to protect my winter crops from frigid temperatures and (more importantly) winds this winter. I'll keep you all posted on what happens!


  1. Now if that doesn't keep them cozy, I don't know what will. Great thinking ! Have you had a chance to take some hoophouse temp readings since you put them up ?

  2. I like the row cover idea, I have read about that technique in Coleman's books but have yet to try it.

  3. Looks like you have a great garden and all your veggies look very healthy! Enjoyed your blog.

  4. Well done! That looks quite snug and tucked in for the coming cold days.

  5. I'm glad you got out yesterday to do this. Today it is pretty cold and snowy.

  6. I just love Marc's photos of your garden. The garden is so neat and orderly and the photos are so beautiful and informative. It will be interesting to see what you can grow during the winter with your new hoop houses and row covers.