Saturday, November 28, 2009

Planning Next Year's Plenty

seeds for next year
While running errands this past Monday, Marc and I decided to stop by Lake Street Garden Center in Salem, New Hampshire to have a look around. During my first trip this past summer, I was amazed to find a HUGE selection of flowering plants, shrubs and trees. In particular, I was surprised by their rather large display of fruiting plants - espalier apple trees, alpine strawberries, cranberries and Arctic kiwi vines to name a few. And while their huge lot is pretty much empty this time of year, their greenhouses are still packed with healthy looking holiday plants and exotics. Wandering around a plant nursery has to be one of my favorite ways to escape from the daily grind. Needless to say, we took our time.

Seeds for next year
I was hoping to find some BTK and organic slug control, but alas, they were all out of both. I did, however, pick up some seeds for next year's garden. I know it's a bit early, but once I laid my eyes on the beautiful Botanical Interests seed packets, I just couldn't resist. (Some people are addicted to shoes, I prefer seeds.) Many of these varieties are your standard heirlooms and certified organic. I think I'm off to a good start here, but I'm quite sure I'll be adding many more veggies to this list in the next few months. If there are any varieties here that you particularly love, let me know!


  1. These seed packets are beautiful! I understand why you had to buy them.
    I just had to open larger image on flickr so I can read what it’s written there...

  2. They do have really pretty seed packets (and give lots of info on the inside too). I grew Marvel of Four Seasons (MQS) last year and it was the prettiest of all my lettuce. I still liked Red Sails better since it was a bigger grower, but MQS did well too.

    I also grew Early Jalapeno. It grew very well and was pretty prolific. However it didn't get hot until it quit raining so much. Early on it was a sweet pepper.

  3. Good morning Thomas,

    It is never too early to buy seeds! I saved only a few from the garden, and am already planning for the seeds to start in the next couple months. Kale! thank you for we need to add that to the list. Have a great weekend.

  4. Nice selection, Thomas !

    I perused the BI site earlier this year and fell in love with it. Great info, variety and yes, lovely packets ! Many of next season's seeds will be ordered there. (And no, it's not too early !)

  5. I'd be tempted to make a collage of those beautiful seed packets!

    My Early Jalapenos were the sweetest of all my peppers this year! I found they do NOT want rich soil and lots of water. Only the one I grew in a pot with average soil, and watered by hand when it began to wilt, developed hot peppers.

    My contender beans had a very good flavor, the favorite in a taste test of three varieties, but mine were not real heavy bearers. I probably should have used an inoculant.

    The Spacemaster cucumbers were non-stop productive. I had mine planted in 3 5-gallon buckets, 2 plants each, and had enough for pickles, slicing, family, friends and neighbors! It is my cucumber of choice each year. I did provide trellising/fencing, but neighbor let hers sprawl on the ground and I think hers were even more productive!

  6. That is a lovely mix of seeds you have there. I like Botanical Interests but for some reason they are the only US seed house that will not ship to Canada. I have grown quite a few of the things you have there. You will love the Green Arrow peas, I have grown them for 3 seasons and they are excellent.

  7. Who can resist a beautiful seed packet?! They are gorgeous. It would be fun to tuck them away in one of your gardening books for Jonathan to find years down the road. And thank you for the link..I'm off to visit their site. Heirloom AND organic? Perfect!

  8. I absolutely love Botanical Interests, for both the beautiful packets and the performance of the seeds. They don't have a catalog, everything is online or in stores which is fine with me. I got a lovely desk calendar last year with my order. It was beautifully boxed.
    Some of my favorites are the large packets of Bloomsdale Spinach and Sassy Salad Mesclun, and the Micro Greens. They even have specialized Native plant seed collections and they email great newsletters. I'm glad to know they reach into NH.

  9. I feel like a school girl waiting for the phone to ring each day when I go to the mail box. I know those seed fliers will be coming any day now....any day. I can't stand the waiting!

  10. Charentais melon! Oh, yum. I can't wait to see how those turn out...

  11. Hi Thomas..I have always LOVED those seed packets..The Halloween ones are so cute..with the ghosts and jack o' lanterns...can you believe Halloween is already over... where did it go?

    more later,

  12. OH NO! You are well on your way to becoming a seed junkie :) I have a hard time passing up seeds also, such promise...

    Lacinato kale can be found in my garden every year, almost year round, it's an all time favorite of mine. And the Scarlet Nantes did really well for me last season. Windsor broad beans (favas to me) have done really well also.

    Annie's Granny is right about peppers, the more you pamper them the sweeter they tend to be.