Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Week's Harvest

lettuce, carrots and chinese broccoli
carrots and chinese broccoli peas
radishes, turnips and peas
The fall harvest is becoming a bit repetitive these days. I'm already looking forward to next summer, when I can harvest my first cucumber, heirloom tomatoes and french melons. Today, I harvested the last of my turnips and radishes, along with the usual rounds of lettuce and Asian greens. The only thing new this week are a handful of peas. My fall peas have been a bust this year. I don't think I'll bother growing them next fall.

I wish there was something a little more exciting to note this week, aside from the fact that the slugs are doing major damage to the rest of my white stem pak choi. They don't seem worth eating now. I should have harvested all of them last weekend when I had the chance. Slugs seem to be the only major pest this time of year, aside from the random caterpillar. I will have to make a mental note to do something about that next year.

If you'd like to see what other folks are harvested this time of year, or would like show off your own, visited Harvest Mondays and Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Your photos are fantastic, so warm. I want to reach through the monitor and nibble on your fresh veg ;)

  2. I was just going to say how beautiful the photos are! I'd be very happy to have those lovely vegetables this late in the season. I really must pay more attention to my photography...I start the year just fine, but by now it's toss the veggies on a paper towel and take the picture!

  3. These are some great pictures and great harvest too! It reminds me of my harvests few months back.

  4. I'd be excited about any harvests this time of year. Takes some real gardening skill to get things producing so late. Great job on the fall peas! Nothing better then fresh peas.

  5. How are you liking the napoli carrots? I have not harvested any yet, mine went in quite late.

    I am envious of your handful of peas...mine are coming along but are not quite ready yet. Again, I kind of dropped the ball on the Fall planting.

  6. hippygeek - Thanks! It's amazing what you can do with a Nikon D60.

    Gran - Your veggies always look so perfect that they speak for themselves. Unlike me, you don't need a fancy camera or lighting!

    vrtlarica - Thanks! Hopefully the weather isn't too cold where you are!

    Dan- the few peas that I had tasted VERY good. Super fresh and sweet. I just wish we had more of a fall for them to really produce.

    Kelly - I've been harvesting a few of my Nantes carrots. They are still on the smaller size so I don't want to get too zealous. I harvested on baby Napoli carrot the other day. SUPER sweet. Much different from the Nantes which has a strong carrot flavor. I can't wait until the Napolies size up.

  7. That is too bad about the pak choi. Early last week the slugs were pretty tame. I think it was a bit too cold for them, but with the warmer weather they really have gone crazy. I keep finding hordes of them in the garden.

  8. A lovely looking harvest. It's always very annoying when you mean to pick something but don't and then, by the time you do it, it's too late!

  9. Fresh Leafy greens. I am already missing mine, but I am trying to locavore it (at least mostly) while using up what I have in the pantry and freezer.
    I have been dying for some beets (found out they are great in vitamin c and I can roast them) but no one has them.

    I have discovered that I just don't like canned vegetables (so I am going to have to find a solution to the excess when I get my garden's growing (or learn to grow just enough) and I don't like boiled vegetables. I don't mind lightly steamed (still crunchy) or roasted (still crunchy) veges, and so I am giving some old dislikes a new shot with roasting. Your harvest looks lovely. I would love some fresh shell peas to nibble on, although with what you have a nibble is all you might get. ;)

  10. I really enjoy seeing your harvest photos every week, you have such a good eye and the veggies look so fresh and tasty. It's a shame about your peas, what you harvested look so great. Will you do a spring crop of peas?

  11. Your photographs are amazing. Just beautiful....

    I saw this sea of green coming up in the back part of my garden and I thought..."what's that?".. ..went and checked it out...all of my lettuce, cilantro, borage, italian parsley and nasturciums reseeded's everywhere...I got so in the second year..seemes to just get better every year....

    More later,

  12. What can I say but lovely, absolutely lovely ! Photography is exquisite as always.