Sunday, November 29, 2009

That Time of Year - 2010 Seed Catalogs

SSE 2010 catalog
It's HERE! The first of many to come I hope. And this is a goodie. I love the cover. It's quite fitting since Seed Savers Exchange is well known for its selection of heirloom tomatoes. I purchased my garlic from the company/organization and was really impressed by the quality. I may order my potatoes from them as well.

For those of you who are unaware, SSE is also a network of individuals who save and exchange heirloom seeds. I'm considering becoming a member not only because I appreciate their cause but also because it's a great outlet to source unique and hard to find seed. Are any of YOU a member? And if so, do you enjoy being one?


  1. I'm not a member, but I bet that's SOME catalog you have. I purchase all of my heirloom seeds from tomatofest, and I am pretty satisfied with them.

  2. Nope. Not me. I haven't ventured into seed saving yet. One thing at a time. Besides, I love looking through the catalogs too much to not have to worry about saving seeds.

  3. Thomas..I really can not remember if I am a member or not...I do LOVE SSE.....

    The first that !

    I get alot of the good heirloom catalogs too...I have it bad for those catalogs...been visiting Apples of Antiquity too..picking out some trees to add to the orchard at Farmhouse this winter....

    More later,

  4. I'm not a member of SSE either, but I've ordered their seeds before. I got my first 2010 seed catalogs this week, and I was like a kid in a candy store!

  5. I love SSE but I am not a member. I have thought of it but it seems kind of complicated. They have a great selection that's for sure, especially all the beans.

  6. My seed saving is quite limited due to space constraints. I confine myself to the very simple items to save (tomatoes, peppers, beans, and peas). So I am not a member of SSE but would love to look through the catalog and order some items.

  7. I'm a member. I love the SSE Yearbook. I don't order a lot of seed from it, but I still love going through it to see all the strange varieties. Thank goodness they are working to get it online. It will be much easier if it can be searched. The thing is just huge.

    I've got four catalogs right now, but I'm still waiting for the one I'm ordering from this year. I usually restrict myself to one or two since it keeps down shipping costs. This year it will be Fedco. I might order only from them.

  8. I am a member and have been for years. You don't have to offer seeds in the yearbook to be a member, you can be a non-listed member and request most of the seeds listed in the yearbook. Talk about a candy store :) The SSE catalog has a fraction of what SSE's Heritage Farm has to offer. In 2009 they offered 2270 varieties through the yearbook, none of which are available in the catalog.