Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dakota Bread...With a Twist

Dakota Bread
A few days ago, everyone's favorite blogger, Annie's Granny, posted a recipe for Dakota Bread, one that I'd never heard of before. Her bread looked delicious, easy to make, and amazingly, I had all of the ingredients in my kitchen to make it. So I thought I'd pour myself a glass of red wine, proceeded to get tipsy and gave it a go! I got a little carried away and added a swirl of cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, raisins and chopped almonds to it. Jonathan had a thick slice and scarfed down every last bit.

Dakota Bread Dough 2 Dakota Bread Dough
Dakota Bread 3
Even without the swirl, this bread is really tasty. I can't believe how easy it is to make. I might have to make this my sandwich bread of choice. Thanks, Gran!


  1. Dang, Thomas, that looks better than mine! I have a couple more I think you'd like, so since my garden isn't producing right now, I might just find time for more baking.

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  3. It does look tasty. My wife makes homemade bread, and we eat it up in no time! Grannie's homemade blackberry syrup is good, too!

  4. Thomas, my husband is chuckling at your "pour myself a glass of red wine, proceeded to get tipsy and gave it a go". ;) It looks wonderful and since I'm headed to the kitchen to start some pie crust, cranberry sauce, bran muffins... I may find a little time to put a loaf of Gran's bread in the oven.

    We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. That looks delicious. (Sorry Granny, but with a swirl of cinnamon and sugar in the middle it looks even better than your.) I couldn't imagine eating it as sandwich bread with cinnamon and sugar swirled through. OK I take that back. With a good cheddar it would be tasty.

  6. Thomas....well you already know how much I love bread baking..your looks wonderful.... we are still enjoying our walnut raisin over here toasted in the morning with tea.

    That is so cute how much Johnathan likes it....
    OH, I saw the wine glass stem...love that....

    More later,

  7. Wow, that's one yummy looking loaf !

  8. I am such a sucker for really good bread. Add some cinnmon, brown sugar/honey, raisins, and nuts... and I am in heaven.

    Gorgeous looking loaf - well done!

  9. OK, OK - you had me at red wine. This looks absolutely delicious and you need to promise that you'll greet us with a loaf once we return to MA.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Marc and Jonathan!!!

  10. Wish I could scarf some right now. the swirl makes it. Thank you Annie's Granny and you!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Thomas, Marc, and Jonathan! that bread looks deeelicious! and since my father just started baking bread again, i think i'll pass the recipe along to him, too. I love the way you gussied it up...think i would make it that way, too. And thanks to this post, i discovered Annie's Granny's blog...another great read.