Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Week's Harvest

fall veggies
Clockwise from upper left: Red Detroit beets, pak choi, flowering brassica and oak leaf lettuce.

beet harvest
Anticipating more frost and possible snow, I harvested most of my beets last week. Half were medium sized and the rest were baby beets. Despite wishing that they had more time to get bigger, I was really happy with how they tasted.

flowering brassica 2
New this week - I picked the first of my flowering brassica. I probably should have waited a little longer but since the weather has been so unpredictable lately, I didn't want to risk losing them to a hard frost. The ideal time to pick them is when the first buds just begin to open. The larger leaves are a bit tough but the main stalk and buds are very sweet and tender...almost like asparagus. I will most likely grow this in place of fall broccoli as it is much less susceptible to pests and faster to mature.

easter egg radishes
Also new this week - Easter egg radishes. These are tasting crispier and much milder than the red altaglobe radishes I harvested a few weeks ago. I think it is mostly due to the colder weather.

turnips and radishes
From left: Hakurei turnips and Easter egg radishes.

zucchini floweres
Finally, as part of my fall cleanup. I harvested the few remaining flowers on my zucchini plants and then pulled them up. These were a bit of a let down this fall but I'm looking forward to starting them again in the spring.

If you'd like to post your own harvest or read about what other people are harvesting, head on over to Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Nice photos, Thomas. Gosh, you must really like radishes...

  2. Beautiful harvest. Ours is not quite ready yet,as we have to wait for the hot temperatures of summer to wane before we put our fall gardens in.

    I love to stuff those squash blossoms with crab stuffing and bake them. Delicious!

  3. I'm in awe of your lovely veggie harvest. Can I come for dinner? Love janie's idea- she can cook, we could eat;)

  4. Beautiful harvests! Your brassica's should do well until the end of Nov, then they will turn to mush.

  5. Lovely harvests. I especially like the top photo with all the different greens. Do you eat your beet greens or just the root?

  6. EG - surprisingly, not really. I just happen to have a lot of people in my life who LOVE radishes.

    Sue - Thanks!

    Janie - Crab meat and zucchini blossoms sound delicious!

    llona - Sure, I love entertaining dinner guests...I'll supply the veggies and wine.

    Dan - That's what I'm hoping. Maybe some added protection will extend their season even further.

    Daphne - I'm planning on eating the greens as well...probably adding them to some stuffed pasta shells.

  7. Picture perfect. Your veggies always looks so pristine. Nice harvest !
    I'm looking forward to trying zucchini again as mine was aborted too.

  8. Thomas, your photos and veggies are just beautiful!

  9. Beautiful harvest! Radishes are so rewarding. There are so many different varieties, grow really fast, and I love their colors.

    My spring radishes didn't succeed this year. I grew them in pots and I think they drowned. I didn't think to try fall ones. Maybe next year.

  10. Martha better watch her back, yo...