Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Week's Harvest

beets and mesclun
I harvested my first Red Detroit beets this week. They were very good, tasting pleasantly sweet and earthy. The beet greens looked nice and fresh as well, so different from the wilted and dull leaves you usually find at the supermarket. I plan on harvesting most of my beets this upcoming week so I will have to find a good recipe for all of these greens. Either that or I'll blanch them quickly and freeze.

mesclun ingredients
I'm sad to say that our patch of Mesclun is nearing the end of its run. With the cooling weather, the mix has been tasting milder and delicious. We've been fortunate to get many cuts from it. Time to move on to the all lettuce mix, which is about ready to harvest.

hakurei turnips and green beans
I harvested some green beans and the first of my Hakurei turnips earlier in the week. Then yesterday, I pulled a good chunk of my turnips (about 30 or so) and shared some of them with my neighbor who commented that they were absolutely delicious and reminded her of Poland (where she was born and raised). I tasted a few raw and would describe them as having a very mild and sweet flavor. The texture is very crisp and fresh. They can be eaten raw in a salad or cooked like other turnips. I think I'll prepare them simply for dinner tonight - boiled or steamed and tossed with melted butter.

hakurei turnips
Hakurei turnips are best when harvested the size ofgolf balls. Wait any longer and their skins may crack.

If you'd like, check out and participate in Daphne's Harvest Mondays.


  1. Those turnips look fabulous. I've tried to grow them several times, but just haven't been successful. They never seem to form roots for me. I'm going to have to try them under a row cover some year. I can grow radishes under a row cover, but not out in the open, maybe turnips are the same.

  2. Well, my season is pretty much done but I'm truly enjoying seeing all these wonderful harvests, providing loads of inspiration for next year. Lovely !

  3. A chuck of turnips, really? I had no idea! They are beyooteeful :-)

    I love turnips and beets dipped into hot bagna cauda (cut into wedges or batons): many anchovies and garlic melted together slowly in a lot (cup) of EV olive oil.

  4. You're so right about beet greens, even the ones from the farmers market are beat up and unappetizing. Your photographs are wonderful, I love the shots of the mesclun and the topped turnips.