Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Planting Garlic

planting garlic
As part of my fall cleanup last week, I was also able to get my garlic in. I planted two hardneck varieties purchased from Seed Savers Exchange - German Extra Hardy and Pskem River. Both are tinged with purple and have lovely plump cloves. I was really tempted to save a clove or two to taste but alas, every last one was destined for the garden.

planting garlic 2
I amended the my beds with greensand, rock phosphate and a good amount of compost, planted each clove 2 inches down (pointy side up) and 8 inches apart, and then covered with 6 inches of straw mulch. That's about it. This is my first time growing garlic so I'm anxious to see how they turn out. I planted about 45 cloves total in two separate beds. I also purchased a couple of softnecks from the supermarket this past weekend and will plant these as well just for fun.

garlic beds
It felt nice to do something for next year's garden...another reminder that winter is just a recess from growing things.


  1. It should turn out beautifully. I usually grow garlic this way each year but have opted out this year as I still have a lot left. You are the first blogger who I have seen mention greensand. An excellent addition to gardens. No wonder your garden soil is so beautiful.

  2. I need some greensand for a fertlizer mixture next year, and haven't seen it around here before. Where did you get yours? Man, I really like your garden!

  3. Tina and EG - I wouldn't garden without greensand. I spread it on my beds at the end of each crop but will also add it to my compost pile as I've read that doing so makes the minerals more accessible to the plants. EG, I bought my greensand at a local gardening/feed store called Dodge Grain. It's hard to find basic amendments at chain home improvement stores these days. Everything seems to be cooked up in a lab these days. I would try a mom a pop shop.

  4. I'm in love with those poly tunnels!

  5. I love having onions and garlic in the ground to overwinter. It makes me still feel productive.

  6. EG I have a True Value that sells greensand (in 40lb bags so I'm happy). You might check your hardware stores. Most of them don't carry such things, but occasionally. I'm a real big fan of greensand too. You planted close to the same number of cloves that I did. I hope this coming year is a better growing year then last year.

  7. Good luck with your first garlic crop; I'm trying it out, too.

  8. Thomas...that photograph of the garlic on the straw.....I love that!

    I've got to get some in the ground. I was at my favorite store yesterday...Farm Supply.... getting bird seed and they had all the bulbs out too.

    Love garden world !

    More later,

  9. I think that since you planted 45 cloves you could share next summer... :)

    Thank you for the nice compliment on my blog. I checked on buying garlic but was too late. I will try next year maybe. I look forward to seeing how yours does.