Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Good to be Home

female zucchini flower 2
I was glad to find that my zucchini was still growing when I got home yesterday. The weather feels as though it's getting a bit chilly and the temperature is only getting up to the high 50's tomorrow. I think I'll place some fabric row cover on my zucchini plants for the next couple of days to keep them more comfortable. Today, I noticed that there are now several tiny female flowers developing on all four of my plants. Hopefully, there is still enough time left before our first frost for them to mature.

stir fried noodles
Stir-fried Noodles with Shrimp, Homegrown Tatsoi and Beets

Last Friday, I mentioned that I harvested one of my beets, which had been assaulted by one of our wild four-legged friends. Last night, I decided to make some quick stir-fired noodles with homegrown tatsoi, beets and beet greens. The young beet tasted delicious, earthy and sweet like any good beet should. I am very excited to begin harvesting the rest of them soon.


  1. what a lovely and fresh looking zucchini. And noodles are so mouth watering, how can one resist it. nice post thomas.

  2. Aagh! Thomas, I don't quite know how but I have only just noticed all your recent posts. I kept looking after you moved and saw that there was nothing on new for a while, then suddenly there is loads of lovely new posts and pictures! I need to get reading through them all, but for a quick skim through it looks like your new garden is coming on beautifully.
    Are you on Twitter so I can get a reminder when you post something new? Claire

  3. Oh that meal looks lovely. Well except the beets. I've never been able to convince myself they are actually food. Chard is as close as I come. The tatsoi on the other hand. YUM! I love stir fried greens.

  4. That stir-fry looks mighty yummy! Any leftovers?

  5. Oh Thomas..that dish looks fantastic. Don't you just love using things from your garden?

    Out here in California it's 90 degress right now...yuck

    Where is my October, I say? Give me NEW ENGLAND ! PLEASE !

    So.... since I am in California in a heat wave I guess I'll go with it and make tostados tonight..and I do believe I'll be using some of my last tomatoes.......

  6. Kathie- No leftovers! There never is when I make it.

    Daphne - Beets were definitely an acquired taste for me. I took a few tries before I could actually tell myself that I like them. For some reason, they taste sweet corn to me.

    Muhammad - Thanks! I hope my zucchini tastes as good as you say it looks!

    Kary (MFK) - 90 degrees????!!! That's tough one. I don't know whether to be thankful or jealous. :)

  7. Your noodle dish looks excellent, will have to try that one!

  8. I love your blog. The pictures are gorgeous, and I'm excited to learn about gardening from you. I know what you mean about becoming your dad in some ways; I feel like I'm becoming my mom.