Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Garden Update and Tour

garden tour 2
The zucchini plants are really sizing up. Hopefully one of these days I will get a female flower.

garden tour 4
from left: flowering brassica, hakurei turnips, mesclun

garden tour
from upper left: wild arugula, hakurei turnips, spinach, all lettuce mix

garden tour 3
winter carrots

Gardening blog 455
from left: tatsoi, easter egg radishes

radishes 2
The radishes should be ready to harvest this week.

The beets are beginning to bulb up.

The broccoli is starting to recover from August's pests.

kaffir lime
The kaffir lime needs to be re-potted again.

meyer lemon
And the meyer lemons still show no signs of ripening.


  1. You just moved and this is your garden???? Not only are your crops outstanding...Your photography is stunning. I am linking to your blog and thanks so much for visiting mine.

  2. Those look all so nice I am wondering where are the plants are spotless! And if you want to keep those plants growing I urge you to put somekind of plastic over them at night in the colder months. I did that to my zucchinis and I just might get more produce out of them =)....Now I have no idea what zone your must get snow there =)

  3. You look like you've got some great cool weather crops. i imagine those cold new england nights will make your carrots nice and sweet. Your greens should be extra tasty too. Your garden looks amazing, good work, keep it up.