Monday, August 17, 2009


flower 4
Friends of ours dropped by a couple of weeks ago and gave us a beautiful pot of zinnias as a housewarming gift. Even though I haven't really thought about what kinds of flowers I wanted to grow next year, I will admit that caring for these flowers have gotten me really excited about it. Zinnias (although somewhat ubiquitious these days) are definitely a flower I would consider growing from seed. They've wilted several times already due to may neglect and seem to bounce back really quickly after a good soaking. Now that's my kind of flower. I've already purchased some cosmos, morning glory and oriential poppy seeds off of a discount rack for next year. I think I'll add zinnias to the list.

flower 2 flower 3

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  1. I grew zinnias for the first time this year in the kitchen garden, they are a nice addition. I can't wait to see your garden next summer, it is going to be spectacular!