Wednesday, August 26, 2009

D is for Distruction, Devils and Disappearance

sad looking tatsoi
Here is how my Asian greens are looking these days. Hole-y guacamole, indeed! I feel like holding the leaves up to a light and pretending that I'm gazing up at the stars. Sadly, about 90 percent of my Asian greens are no more. My tatsoi and flowering brassica look as though they've been used as target practice by garden outlaws armed with tiny guns. Also, most of my pac choi have disappeared all together, except for the few leaves I found this morning surgically cut from their stems (now that's just plain rude). This leads me to believe that there are more than one dark force at work here. Slugs? Insects? Field mice? All are suspects at this point. This is just further incentive to get my newly sprouted Asian greens under cover ASAP!

meyer lemon
On a happier note, I finally got around repotting my meyer lemon tree this past weekend. I had previously posted that it had been undergoing a flush of growth. I'm happy (and a bit shocked) to say that it is now nearly twice the size it was a couple of months ago. Also, several of the dozen or so lemons are at about 4 inches long now (but still show no signs of ripening). When the garden fairies close a door, they always open a window...

meyer lemon 2


  1. I am so sorry your garden is under attack. So hard to determine the evil-doers isn't it?

    If you think mice are a culprit human or dog (and I would think cat) hair spread around the plantings should keep them away. I am lucky to have a full canister from the vac every week, and it has been working quite well! I think the slugs don't care for the hair either.

  2. I have Meyer lemon envy. That would make my life complete, I think. How can one live without lemons?

  3. It looks like you need row covers ASAP!

  4. first visit here, you certainly have things set up in a wonderful fashion, the little holes in the asian greens are made by the larva of the cabbage butterfly. Spraying them everyday to keep the eggs off helps, but a little "row cover" would work better. Great blog, peace for all