Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Signs of Life

Bean Seedling
A couple of bean seedlings have emerged. It's interesting to see how large and robust they are compared to the beets and broccoli (below). Last night, I sowed a few more beans and broccoli, as well as some peas. I'm a bit paranoid that I may have seeded the broccoli too deeply and so this sowing will be my insurance policy. Still no sign of the zucchini.

broccoli seedling
I'm getting concerned that I may have waited too long to start my fall crops. I'm less concerned about my salad and Asian greens since they have shorter maturity dates and can be harvested at different stages of maturity. Nonetheless, I'm wishing for Indian summer this year. My first priority is to get the fall plantings of carrots into the ground as soon as we get in the new house. I figure that everything else will stay relatively happy in the seed trays until I can get a large plot dug and fenced.

Also, I found an interesting article on "grow[ing] your best fall garden" in this month's Mother Earth News. From what I read, I'm definitely cutting it close since our new home is located in hardiness zone 6. I guess it's a good thing I was planning on experimenting with using fabric and plastic row covering this fall.


  1. I stumbled across your blog whilst researching for Boston areas that I might be able to stand living in for a period of time. I must leave my beloved Berkshires to work on State St in Boston for some unknown period of time. I have always lived in the country on acres with gardens of veggies and flowers, berry bushes and fruit trees with mountain views and an abundance of open space. For some reason I have been looking at Winthrop. Not sure why-have never been there but I find it interesting. It seems out of the way, yet close to the T and downtown yet is an old NE seaport type of place on the water. It also appears to have open space, Belle Island Salt Marsh and Deer Island. I guess I need to visit and look at some places to live-if you have any info about living in Winthrop you'd be willing to share I'd love to hear it as I really know nothing about it other than it interests me. Oh, I'm a female, married with 10 yr old twin boys-but I live be living on my own during the week in the Boston area so I'd like something safe, quiet, that sort of thing-no partying or anything! My e-mail is

    Best of luck with your new place-how exciting! I bet you will love having some property to call your own-land is lots of fun! Happy growing!

  2. Hi Thomas, I came over to check out your blog. I think you will be fine with your recent sowings providing they are 'early' varieties. Row cover is a great season extender, sounds like you are headed for a nice fall harvest.