Sunday, July 5, 2009

Future Garden Spot

DSC_0078 DSC_0076
Here are some views of our future backyard. As you can see, there's quite a bit of shade in this beautiful lot (courtesy of a huge maple tree off the rear stone patio). Fortunately, there is a perfectly sunny spot in the middle for a nice veggie garden. The farmer inside me kind of wishes for a bit more sun, but then again, the hammock-loving afternoon napper that I am surely appreciates the shade.

I was glad to find that the present owners have a bit of the gardening bug inside them as well. As you can see, they currently have a small garden of their own (currently dominated by 3 feet tall mint). Also, they were kind enough to leave behind a couple of golden raspberry bushes, a blackberry bush, and a strawberry patch. To me, that's like Christmas in July!


  1. A beautiful spot! Congratulations on the big move. Our garden was created 4 years ago in a spot that had been a pasture. We started with 3 beds and added 2 more a year until we filled it up (now more in progress in the next little pasture!). Enjoy your planning and best wishes for a smooth move. - Paula

  2. Good luck with your move and the new plot. We're the custodians of an ancient plot - hoping that in our care it will be a fruitful place and a home for species other than ourselves.

    Best wishes
    Celia in Suffolk, England

  3. I hope your move goes well and isn't too stressful!

    Your new garden looks great - and ripe for some work on it ....I can feel my fingers itching to get in amongst it!

    We have a large garden that we are slowly turning into our own. I love working in it and growing our own fruit and vegetables - sounds like you're going to be the same. Enjoy!