Friday, July 10, 2009

Boston Harbor Islands

Boston Harbor Islands

I went out onto the deck at dusk to take a some pictures of the Boston Harbor Islands. I wish I had a wide-angled lens to capture properly our view of these islands, which stretch across much of the eastern horizon. Between us and these islands is a vast and open space of water frequented by sail boats, cargo ships, and fisherman. And for a time during the year, the surface of the water is speckled with lobster buoys. My favorite time of the day to take in this view is early in the morning at low tide, when the air is crisp and the distant sounds of seagulls is all you can hear.

Boston Light
Boston Light on Little Brewster Island, which "was the first light station established on the North American Continent".

Grave's Light
Graves Light, named after Charles Graves, who was an early settler of Charlestown, MA.

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