Sunday, October 11, 2009

Silent Sunday - Fall Colors at Home

fall colors 11
fall colors 5
fall colors 4
fall colors 9
fall colors 12
fall colors 10
fall colors 6
fall colors 8
fall colors 7
fall color 8


  1. Lovely colors! I really like that dahlia. I need to get mine dug, as we have had our killing freeze and some snow already. I am in zone 5b, in Nebraska.

  2. Oh wow! what a colorful group of pictures...

  3. Fabulous pics ! Love the maple, of course, and all the blooms as well. I really dig the spindle tree, owning one meself.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I enjoy your blog and am working through the information you share in the sidebar. ~Liz

  5. Love the photos. I was out biking yesterday and the fall colors were so pretty. I wish I had all that color in my yard. Well maybe no the first photo since it looks like poison ivy.

  6. Daphne- you might be right! It's climbing up the crab apple tree on our front lawn, which we never go near. Yikes! Strange the things you miss when you purchase a new home. I will have to do some investigating and find a way to safely dispose of it.