Friday, January 20, 2012

And........We're Back

It's been almost two weeks since we've been in our new home. I'm happy to say that we finally have internet again!!! It took much longer to have service installed than we had anticipated. We decided to go with Burlington Telecom, the local cable company, instead of a national one. So far so good. I particularly like calling their customer service number and getting someone sitting in an office located a few blocks away from us as opposed to a computer or someone based in a foreign country. It's sort of a reminder of how things used to be.

One of the last things I did before leaving our old home was to pack up my citrus trees. All I really did was to remove them from their pots, brush away some excess soil, moisten the roots a bit and tied a trash bag around the root ball. This made transporting them much easier.

Three citrus trees really to be boxed.

I think they are enjoying our new home. Our small conservatory gets tons of warmth and light throughout the day. When I repotted my trees, I made sure to give them some fresh organic fertilizer. They seem to need it this time of year. Hopefully we'll get tons of new growth very soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Still Alive! - First Harvest of the Year

Yes, I'll confirm that I'm still alive! At the moment, we're slowly getting settled into our now home/community. I will admit that I've been feeling a bit sad these past few days. It was harder to say goodbye to our half-acre home than I would have expected. I'll be staying there a couple of nights a week (when I'm in Boston for work) until we're able to sell it, but deep down inside, I know it just won't be same as living there. In fact, I'm sure it'll be down right depressing since most of our furniture has now been moved out.

Before we left, I remembered to harvest some tatsoi to take with us. The outer few leaves were a bit hole-y but most of the rosette was fine. Some of it went to a stir-fried noodle dish I made last night. It was a tasty reminder of the old garden. I'm gonna try to harvest the rest of it when I'm in town again.

I also picked some kale, which I'll probably freeze and use within a soup during one of these particularly brutal Vermont winter days.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Moving Day

Moving day has arrived. Yikes! The truck is being loaded as I type. I can't believe that we'll be in our new home tomorrow. Jonathan and I will be spending another night here while Marc has already started his new Job in Burlington this week. Admittedly, it hasn't really hit me yet that we'll be living in Vermont.

It's always sad to say goodbye to a home, especially if it was your first. In many ways, I feel like I've leaving an old friend behind. :(

And goodbye garden! It was nice knowing you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Harvest of the Year - Citrus

I actually had a harvest this past week - five good sized Meyer lemons and a few Indio mandarinquats. This was officially the last one of the year and will soon be turned into marmalade today. I use this recipe but substitute half of the sugar with honey, which makes all the difference. Honey and lemons are a match made in heaven if you ask me.